Great South Bay Coalition

Empowering Communities Through Substance Abuse Awareness, Prevention, and Supporting Mental Health Issues.

About Us


To empower our communities to promote physical,mental and spiritual health in an effort to reduce the impact of substance abuse in our neighborhoods.


To provide prevention education and informational services about substance abuse,influence community standards,support positive alternative activities,encourage healthy role modeling,support intervention and treatment services and develop sustained community participation. We aim to increase community collaboration in providing prevention services,ensure a continuum of services throughout the community through educational presentations and informational forums. As a coalition we provide opportunities to network and discuss issues to influence community standards. Our efforts will enhance awareness and knowledge without stigma for mental health issues which directly correlates in supporting our youth for reducing the use of substance abuse among our youth. We encourage all to join us in support of creating a healthier environment by hearing your voice and concerns at our monthly meetings.Together we can continue to empower,promote and improve our neighborhoods.


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